Marketing Sales Funnel Explained

In order to have a truly successful business, you have GOT to have a plan! Just as if you would set goals for yourself, whether that's taking yoga every morning or making sure you have a healthy breakfast, your business needs goals too. That is where the sales funnel comes in!

The marketing sales funnel is essentially the plan you are going to follow that will get you to your business goals. I am going to break this down in an easy way so that anyone who may be new to the concept can understand it, learn, and grow from it.

Here is what the funnel looks like:

Awareness: This is where you get people to see what you have to offer them - what makes you different and why they should consider your business.

Consideration: These are the people who are already aware of your business and are interested in learning more about you. They may already be following you on social media or have checked out your website.

Purchase (also known as conversion): This is where the person has considered your offer and they decide whether or not your product(s) or service(s) are right for them. This is a great time to offer and incentive to choose you, like a discount or limited time offer.

Loyalty: These are the people that keep coming back to you for your products or services. Even though this group is on the smaller end of the funnel, they are EXTREMELY important to your business and it's growth.

I hope this helps you! If you have questions regarding your business' online presence or your marketing strategy I'd love to have a chat with you! Reach me at

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